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Iconic Galaxy is rising fast in Rajagiriya

February 2020
26th Lvl floor slab Completed 27th Lvl floor slab in progress

January 2020
22nd floor slab work completed 16th floor block work completed 12th floor plastering work completed

Jan 2020

December 2019
20th floor slab work Completed.
21th Floor slab work in Progress.

Plastering work in progress upto 9th Floor.
Block Works in progress upto 15th Floor.

November 2019
19th Lvl. Floor slab in Progress
7th & 8th floor Plastering work is in process

October 2019
16th Floor slab work completed.
17th floor slab work in progress.

September 2019
11th floor slab completed.
12th floor slab completed.

August 2019
11th Floor slab work in progress.

July 2019
Project on schedule.
9th and 10th floors finished.
Show apartment ready.

April 2019
Bridge access from Buthgamuwa Road complete.
All parking levels complete.
Residential floors commenced.

December 2018
Final podium parking (5th level) in progress.

June 2018
Raft completed and podium construction in progress.

November 2017
Piling completed Site Photos.

January 2017
Groundbreaking ceremony.