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Iconic Developers reinforces stringent health and safety precautions on-site

In commemoration of World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2021, leading infrastructure developer Iconic Developments reiterated its commitment to taking maximum precautions to ensure the health and well-being of its workforce amid fears of a third wave of COVID-19 in Sri Lanka.

Iconic Developments, in collaboration with construction partner MAGA Engineering, has adhered to stringent health and safety regulations in line with local and international directives for its workforce of over 350.

“The health and safety of our workforce has always been our utmost priority. Since the first lockdown in March last year, we have continually been revamping and redesigning our daily operations to reduce the risk of contamination in the workplace. Now, over a year since the beginning of the pandemic, I’m pleased that we’ve managed to maintain a healthy workforce and we’ve not had any major outbreaks on site,” commented Iconic Galaxy Managing Director Rohan Parikh.

In compliance with guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO), each worker must present PHI reports from their respective areas before entering the workplace, and all workers receive Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) free-of-charge from the company. Adhering to the most stringent sanitary regulations, workers also undergo frequent temperature and personal hygiene checks.

In addition to vigilant personal precaution, all possible sanitation measures have been taken by the management to implement on-site safety procedures – including site-entry temperature checks, training COVID-19 compliant personnel, the installation of hand washing and sanitizing facilities, and the frequent cleaning of high-use areas such as restrooms and eating areas.

“While these guidelines are a solid foundation, we’re committed to monitoring the situation and adapting our protocol as necessary. Last year, we discovered that it was difficult for some of our workers to wear masks on-site given the weather conditions – we adapted by housing these workers together in isolation. Similarly, we’ll adopt any other measures necessary to protect our workers,” continued Parikh.

Workers wear masks when doing less intensive work such as tiling, cutting or grinding, while those doing more intensive work are put into small groups, who will be prohibited from interacting with other groups. Iconic Developments also ensures that periodical PCR tests are conducted for workers at the site, in addition to conducting antigen tests for any new worker at the site.

These separate groups will maintain safe distances from other groups and are provided transport to and from the site, maintaining a bubble for workers under which health risks are controlled and exposure to external factors is reduced. All vehicles entering the premises are also disinfected at the entrance.

The work force is broken into 4 zones, using 4 different hoists. The staff is kept at the site with food and accommodation provided along with a salon facility within the site, and a twice-a-day steaming facility. There is no outward movement of workers in order to avoid contracting the infection.

“In many ways, the Iconic Galaxy was designed as the ideal home to withstand the worst of the pandemic – with a supermarket, business centre, and laundromat, it is self-contained and self-sufficient enough to minimize outside contact. Despite inevitable delays, we’re well on our way to creating this safe environment thanks to the tireless efforts of our workers,” concluded Parikh.

The Iconic Galaxy is set to deliver 285 super-luxury, two, three, four and five bed-roomed apartments amidst a plethora of world-class amenities and services. Accessible from two roads, the apartment complex is perched on the trunk route of Buthgamuwa Road and Kamathwatte Road. The apartment complex will be home to a 7-level private club worthy of a 5-star hotel, private guest suites for overnight visitors and on-site conveniences that include a supermarket, business centre, beauty salon and laundromat.

The apartment complex was also recognized in the residential high-rise development category for Sri Lanka at the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2020-21.